reflection of one's lifestyle
designed to optimise interaction between space and occupant through interpreting one's way of life
comfort and function of spaces are tailored to the needs and expectations of the occupant whether for work, play or rest
personalised environments are tailored to the needs and visions of the occupant by means of establishing a professional relationship that allows the designer to better understand the client's way of life
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effective planning of traffic flows from contact to transaction and dispersal
complementary branding exposure
spaces that provide an effective medium for brands to present their products and/or services, corporate culture and visions 
commercially viable details
details are focused on maximising trade and operational activities as well as to ensure functionality, safety and comfort for users
commercial places are integral to brand exposure by creating physical mediums for consumers to view and experience products as well as to interact with the representatives of the business
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defined functional spaces
open or compartmentalised areas designed to cater for different functions
public or institutional facilities
intended to gather crowds for dissemination of information or to present works, hold events or to render services
large physical environments
intended to accommodate the presence and interaction of crowds or functions that demand sizeable space
large places demand an understanding of the design intent and the correlation of the many functional and aesthetic elements that are integral to these built environments
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